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PBL token up 200% in the past week and plenty of room left to grow.

Publica's ICO had a hard cap of only 1 million. Their vision is to allow authors to publish directly to their readers and get their advances directly from their fans. No need for publishers. It's great for bloggers to leverage their fanbase, for established authors to release new titles and also for new authors to leverage public media to push their own product. This extends the self-publishing trend already established by youtube and twitter. Great idea, like most in crypto, but these guys can actually deliver.
Antons Sapriko: CEO of Scandiweb. This company has done projects for the new york times, peugeot, amazon and google. They have already supported a number of companies on the backend for launching their own ICO's. Now they are coding the backend for Publica. They have a huge team of engineers available to accomplish the goal, which is actually somewhat trivial in it's execution. Josef Marc: Josef has decades of experience growing brands and has established extremely successful start-ups already. Currently at Publica, he is focused on bringing authors to the brand. Yuri Pimenov: Currently CTO at Publica, was the Russian translator of “The Internet Of Money” and also was previously the CTO of a major bitcoin exchange.
The concept is an ereadewallet. Authors will set up their own pages where they can launch “book-ico's” to secure an advance for their work from their readers. Fans will be able to get early access to books, or favoured prices or whatever the authors choose to use as incentive. People can use their wallets to purchase PBL tokens from their native currency and transfer them to authors for their book-ico's. Each book ICO will generate it's own individual read token which gives readers access to the book on their wallet/reader which will be stored on a decentralised storage system such as filecoin. Readers will also be able to resell their books to friends. Authors will be able to cash out their PBL tokens into their own native currency, no need for multiple currency conversions. Down the line the team hopes to enable the books to be printed at print depots and I'm assuming the read tokens burned. No more out of stock books. Books will be available as long as the blockchain is viable. They will also develop plugi-ns for ereaders for users to more easily transition. While all of this may seem hard to achieve, just take a look at the team of developers working for scandiweb. There have 19 staff working below the core team and their linkedin's are available to read on the publica website. They can definitely do it. 
Ebook sales in proportion to print books have been in decline the past few years no doubt, in the order of a percent or two. There is still about a three or four billion n dollar market in developed countries. Notice how the Publica name was chosen to be easily pronounced in all languages. If they would capture even a 1% share of that they would have lets say a 300m usd volume anually. How much of that would remain in the ecosystem, thinking about locked tokens until ico and also authors saving money to pay for the additional features that Publica intend to offer in the future. 20%? that still leaves Publica with a market cap of 60million usd. Current market cap is 8.6mn. Ignoring the fact that all my assessments are conservative, this still makes Publica an easy 5x-er, not even counting hype, this is a real project with a solid use-case. What's more, much of their PR is directed directly to the main stream, sidestepping crypto, check out Josef Marcs steemit linked below. Crypto is a tool only for them, that's probably the only reason its still so cheap.
So far the team has been very communicative with their community on telegram and have followed through on all their promises and exceeded expectations. They released their proof of concept last week and embarked on a community driven PR campaign. Since then (4days ago), they have added 4000 followers on twitter and hundreds of followers on telegram and the price has been following this trend, up 2x since the campaign started and it's not even half way through yet. Now that they have a product and a community they are set to be able to realistically apply for listing on binance. The reddit campaign just started today and I personally expect them to be able to list on binance within two weeks.
Obviously I am bullish on Publica and have a good amount of PBL tokens myself. Full disclosure, I'm writing to enter their token giveaway but I do really believe in their project. More importantly, I'm up almost 3x on eth terms so far and have zero intention of selling. There is still PLENTY of room to 5x from here. Further reading/research:
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